Training & Support for Dental Business Excellence

Nichole Sietsema (seets-eh-muh) has been involved in the health and wellness industry for over 20 years. For the past 18 years Nichole has dedicated herself to learning and growing in every facet of dental business.

Nichole takes pride in guiding individuals and practices to being their best selves. She assists in creating and implementing clinical programs and revenue growth systems using technology and a variety of tried-and-true methods to create efficiencies and team success. She is a strong believer in leading by doing, empowering those around her, and servant leadership. Her passionate approach to developing efficient practice methods coupled with a drive for the ultimate patient experience has allowed Nichole to be a part of multiple dental business success stories most recently assisting a practice to 30% growth in just one year. 

Nichole is extremely well-versed in the arenas of dental insurance, negotiations, and network optimization. As a former Practice Development manager for Unitas PPO Solutions, she managed a team of twelve bright individuals to assist over 130 offices across the country with their insurance analysis contracting, negotiations, and credentialing. Nichole carries that devotion into each practice, helping the team navigate the difficult and confusing world of dental insurance to better inform patients and make the best possible financial decisions for the practice. 

The vision for Praxes Dental began back in 2012 when Nichole continued to work on recruitment and training of dental staff members. Over the years she has fine tuned curriculum and in-office training systems that assist team members with all experience levels. In 2018 Nichole finally put all previous experience into practice and created Praxes Dental. This is not just a dental consultancy, but a training resource for anyone wanting to learn and grow in dental business.

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