Training & Support for Dental Business Excellence

Virtual Dental Business Training

At Praxes Dental our mission is to educate, support, and develop members of the dental business community. To complete this mission, Praxes offers virtual training support for all dental business systems including production, accounts receivables management, task efficiency , patient experience training, and insurance contract analysis. Independent virtual dental courses offered include, patient experience, accounts receivable, recare systems, treatment presentation, insurance processing, marketing and much more.

Direct Office Training

Praxes Dental provides customized virtual office training systems to private dental practices . Each practice will receives an initial complimentary phone consultation to review the needs of the business . An analysis of practice statistics and performance metrics is then conducted before a personalized training and systems plan is implemented. This process allows Praxes to focus on training and improvement in the areas of greatest need and create a timeline for business organization and improvement.


Online Courses

Praxes is thrilled to present dental online training and professional development courses. Our online training modules are suited for busy professionals wanting to continue dental business training, or for those looking to gain experience in the dental field. Course offerings range from entry level to advanced dental topics. Visit the courses page to review the growing list of training and continuing education opportunities for members to complete in the comfort of their own home.


Webinars & Special Events

We are passionate about continuing education and building a sense of community within the field of dentistry. Our webinars are designed to present dental business and practice management training in one hour or less. The webinars provide insight into dental trends, new skills, and ideas for the workplace. Community events and onsite training seminars are also offered throughout the year. Visit our events page to review upcoming meetings, seminars, and dental community gatherings.