Training & Support for Dental Business Excellence

“I started my office a little over 8 years ago as a scratch start in one of the worst economies we have seen in recent memory. Nichole was my first office manager and set up the office from credentialing insurances to setting up systems to ensure things where run correctly. Eight years later my practice is thriving and so much of my success can be directly attributed to Nichole. Thanks for your years of hard work! ” –Carlos Lopez DMD Riggs Family Dental

“Nichole’s passion for dentistry is unmatched, and she has a strong desire to ignite that passion in others through education and training. Any practice looking for a tune-up or major help would benefit from her expertise. Nichole knows how to train in a clear, easy to digest, and effective manner. While there are many training products available, Nichole saw a need for additional resources that go beyond the surface and created the tools to empower practices to know what experts know and do as experts do.” – Christi Billquist Director of Operations Unitas Dental